AdhereHealth Launches Adhere Platform for Guaranteed Value-based Care Outcomes

Medicare Advantage health plans’ triple-weighted medication adherence measures have averaged a one to three star increase within the first year of using the platform


BRENTWOOD, Tenn., October 24, 2018 – AdhereHealth, a leading medication adherence healthcare technology company, has launched AdhereTM, its medication-focused platform of integrated technology solutions that uses advanced analytics to stratify consumer populations, prioritize interventions and resolve gaps in care to achieve value-based care outcomes. Adhere directs performance-based alignment between AdhereHealth and its clients and enables risk sharing as part of a unique guarantee that each consumer measurement conversion fee will deliver ROI.

For more than a decade, AdhereHealth has helped Medicare Advantage, managed Medicaid and Commercial plans as well as self-insured employers improve in their pay-for-performance programs, such as Star Ratings. The technology platform and nationwide licensed clinical team guarantees pay-for-performance program success.

“The solutions incorporated in the Adhere platform have had over a decade of results improving Star Ratings and other value-based care initiatives,” said Jason Rose, chief executive officer at AdhereHealth. “In 2019, nearly half of the Star Ratings will be weighted on medication adherence- related measures, and plans that begin these interventions now are already off to a great start for the next performance year.”

Today the Adhere platform touches more than six million consumers with the support of StratifyTM, AdhereHealth’s analytics engine that uses machine learning and big data processing to identify medication adherence and quality care gaps that, if addressed, help achieve better value- based care outcomes. Stratify powers two fully integrated solutions: ResolveTM, a comprehensive clinical decision support solution featuring medication adherence-focused intervention services, and OptimizeMTMTM, a Medication Therapy Management (MTM) solution that addresses client goals and regulatory requirements.

The Adhere platform, ideal for health plans, employers and at-risk providers, also includes data- driven tools. These include QuantifyTM, an analytics engine for stratifying and prioritizing budgetary investment scenarios across each plan contract quality measure; QiLinkTM, a clinical workflow tool that directs live consumer and provider engagement; P3LinkTM, a clinical decision support tool that efficiently guides Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR) for MTM programs as well as medication reconciliation and medication synchronization services; and DiscernTM, a business analytics solution that provides real-time client data visualization of outcomes and program performance.

About AdhereHealth™

AdhereHealth™ is a healthcare technology solutions leader supporting health plans, self-insured employers and other risk-bearing entities for medication adherence insights and improved healthcare outcomes. The company’s Adhere™ platform touches nearly 10 million consumers through advanced technologies, at-risk engagement services and home-delivered pharmacy. The integrated set of solutions address an estimated $300 billion of unnecessary annual medical costs attributed to medication adherence issues. The company is headquartered in the Nashville suburb of Brentwood, Tennessee. For more information, please visit


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