AdhereHealth Response to COVID-19

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Letter from the CEO, Jason Z. Rose

During this unique time as the healthcare community comes together to keep our nation safe and healthy, all of us at AdhereHealth consider our mission to be more important than ever. As you know, our Adhere Platform™ guarantees improved medication adherence among the most at-risk population. We save lives by ensuring that people get the resources and support they need every day and in light of this pandemic, our work and commitment are crucial.

Our AdhereRx pharmacy is built specifically to service the needs of elderly and chronically ill patients by providing white-glove medication delivery to their home via private courier. With shelter-in-place orders increasing every day and widespread social distancing guidelines, this service not only keeps our patients adherent to their medications, but also reduces the strain on our healthcare system overall.

Both AdhereHealth and AdhereRx operations will continue to provide high-quality service with no interruption. We take our commitment to your organization and consumers seriously, and due to increased demand, we are immediately adding hundreds of employees to our nationwide staff of licensed clinicians.

This crisis will end.  I am confident our nation’s leaders will come together to overcome both the clinical and economic problems.  Our nation has stood strong in the face of many uncertainties, and we will come back stronger than ever.


Jason Z. Rose
Chief Executive Officer