Letter from the CEO, Jason Z. Rose

The last few weeks have undoubtedly been some of the most challenging times for our country. As the spread of COVID-19 worsens, it is imperative we continue to work together to help keep our nation safe and healthy during the crisis. On behalf of AdhereHealth, we are here to support you.

Our team of dedicated licensed clinicians is now 1,000 strong and growing as we put more and more resources toward helping vulnerable patients across the U.S. We have been rapidly expanding our AdhereRx pharmacy service distribution and our private couriers. This includes the opening of our new Arizona distribution facility that will provide faster delivery timeframes to the western region of the country.

With social distancing in place nationwide, we have been increasingly engaged with high-risk, chronically ill patients and their doctors, understanding the litany of society challenges that may limit access to necessary drug therapies and other health care resources. Our mission is to keep people adherent to their medications while they are in isolation, so they can stay healthy throughout the ordeal and beyond. As such, our nationwide operations have not missed a beat and will continue to provide high-quality service, safely, with no interruption.

Please know that although mail order pharmacy benefits work well for many patients, it often does not support the most underserved patients with medication access and other societal challenges. For the top 5% higher risk patients, patients with mobility issues – even getting to their mailbox – and mail security issues show a need for scheduled delivery via private courier.  What’s more, these complex patients have volatile drug regimens requiring deeper coordination amongst multiple physicians, monthly medication reviews that mail order pharmacies typically do not address.

This crisis will end.  I am confident our nation’s leaders will come together to overcome both the clinical and downstream economic problems.  Our nation has taken on many uncertainties in our history, and we will come back stronger than ever.


Jason Z. Rose
Chief Executive Officer

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