Higher Risk Medically Complex Patients

AdhereRx™ is a nationwide closed door retail pharmacy that offers scheduled hand-delivery of medications every 30 days to elderly and chronically ill patients. AdhereRx™ provides your patients with a white-glove pharmacy experience and gives you the confidence that your most complex patients will be able to stay on track with their medication adherence. Enrollment is simple, with an input of membership and pharmacy claims data, AdhereRx can begin service to your members right away. 

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Our team can immediately begin outreach to your members with an easy data input of your membership and pharmacy claims. 

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Clinical Outcomes with Quantitative Impact

Optimal Adherence by Measure

AdhereRx™ evaluated data across hypertension, diabetes and asthma adherence levels for a specific population. By moving to a high clinical interaction concierge delivery model, positive outcomes were seen in adherence and annual economic impact for each of the respective measures.

Elevated Clinical Efficacy

The following data demonstrates how AdhereRx™ identified a large percentage of Drug Utilization Reviews (DURs) improving the quality of patient care, enhancing therapeutic outcomes by titrating prescriptions and reducing inappropriate pharmaceutical expenditures, thus reducing overall health care costs.