Digital Pharmacy Services

Better Pharmacy Access, Increased Adherence, Improved Experience

Why Digital Pharmacy

Digital pharmacies leverage technology to remove complexity and improve speed, accuracy, convenience and patient access to pharmacy services – all critical to increase adherence and improve value-based outcomes and patient experience.

Designed for patients of all acuity levels and the health plans that serve them, the Adhere Platform Digital Pharmacy Services support medication adherence in tandem with AdhereRx, an AdhereHealth digital pharmacy with compliance packaging capabilities uniquely designed to serve high-risk, high-cost patients with social determinants of health (SDOH) barriers that cause habitual medication nonadherence.

Pharmacy Services for Health Plans: How it Works

  1. Using advanced technologies and predictive analytics, the Adhere Platform identifies needed pharmacy services and combines health plan benefits with Consumer Acuity Scale analytics to support the member’s choice of pharmacy.

  2. AdhereRx analyzes patient medication information to determine which medications members should be taking based on their real-time medical profile.

  3. Trained clinicians use motivational interviewing techniques to conduct data-driven, personalized engagement with nonadherent patients representing more than 35% of a health plan’s membership to help overcome SDOH, close medication adherence gaps and improve quality measures.

  4. Advanced robotics integrate these analytics into automated workflows to seamlessly process prescription dispensing, packaging multiple medications into easy-to-understand blister packaging or dosage strips in which pills are sorted by dose date and time.

  5. Medication synchronization anchors all patient prescription fills at AdhereRx pharmacies on the same day every month.

Traditional in-network pharmacies lack current data, consumer engagement and clinical workflows — resulting in only reaching 5% of their membership, which translates to limited medication adherence improvement and lower quality and patient experience scores.

Ready to learn how AdhereHealth’s integrated solutions can improve medication adherence, value-based outcomes, and patient experience?

Health Plan Benefits of Adhere™ Platform Digital Pharmacy Services

  • Real-time medication synchronization
  • Data-driven clinical dialogue supports resolution of SDOH for improvements in medication adherence and quality scores
  • Close medication adherence gaps
  • Improved value-based outcomes for high-risk patients
  • Combined interventions in our omni-channel outreach program can significantly improve the patient experience, which has taken on a new level of importance given CAHPS® measures in Medicare Advantage Star Ratings now represent 32% of the overall weighting in 2021

Medicare Advantage, Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP) and Medicaid Plans: Learn how AdherePack™ can simplify complex drug routines and foster a better patient experience.

Ready to learn how AdhereHealth’s integrated solutions can improve medication adherence, value-based outcomes, and patient experience?

Digital Pharmacy Options to Meet Member Needs


AdherePack is the AdhereRx innovative compliance packaging solution that combines AdhereHealth’s advanced analytics capabilities with next-generation robotic technology at AdhereRx. AdherePack is designed for the under-served market: high-risk patients with multiple chronic conditions, SDOH barriers, and complicated medication routines. We synchronize all medications, package them by dose date and time, and deliver them by private, contact-free courier to improve quality of care, patient experience and lower health plan medical costs and government-sponsored value-based care reimbursements.

Do You Know?

Medicaid enrollment is at its highest in history with 80 million Medicaid patients enrolled nationwide?


Mail Order pharmacy for lower acuity consumers who benefit from the ease and simplicity of 90-day supplies delivered directly to their home.

Member Benefits of Adhere™ Platform Digital Pharmacy Services

  • 24/7 access to trained pharmacists and clinicians
  • Direct-to-door contact-free medication delivery at no additional cost
  • AdhereRx clinicians work closely with care providers and patients to conduct monthly medication reviews and drug utilization reviews (DURs) that can prevent medical errors or adverse events
  • Members only pay their co-pay with flexible payment options