Digital Pharmacy Services

Better pharmacy access, increased adherence, improved experience

Explore customized solutions to improve cost savings and value-based care performance for your highest-risk members:

Tailored to Your Highest-Risk Members


Engaging High-Risk Members

Customized Medication Management

Powerful Analytic Support

Ongoing Adherence Support

Get to the root of nonadherence with individualized pharmacy solutions that empower members to achieve self-management. Continuous access to integrated digital pharmacy services improves care team coordination, health outcomes, and quality metrics.

Members can choose customized compliance packaging, the award-winning HERO smart dispenser with real-time mobile app support, or a customized combination of the two. Both come with synchronized refills, 24/7 telepharmacy support, and private courier home delivery.

Advanced analytics and predictive workflows centralize dozens of data sources, creating a holistic view of patient, provider and health plan data to resolve multiple quality gaps in a single member engagement.

Patient-centric medication management tools to help your most vulnerable members become and remain adherent despite social determinants of health (SDOH) challenges, complicated medication routines, or difficult care transitions.

Learn more about the Adhere Platform’s integrated solutions to transform member
experiences for improved medication adherence and real value-based outcomes.

Why Digital Pharmacy

Pharmacy access has grown increasingly important as the prevalence of chronic conditions increases, even as access to quality care stagnates in rural and underserved communities.

Digital pharmacies combine advanced technologies with exceptional services to remove complexity and improve patient access to essential pharmacy services. These improvements in speed, accuracy, and convenience are critical to positive value-based outcomes and guaranteed adherence.

Designed for patients of all acuity levels, Adhere Platform™ Digital Pharmacy Services support medication adherence in tandem with AdhereRx™, the digital pharmacy uniquely designed to serve high-risk, high-cost patients with SDOH barriers that traditionally cause habitual medication nonadherence.

Adherence Is Possible

It is estimated that 20-30% of prescriptions are never filled and approximately 50% of medications for chronic disease are not taken as prescribed. However, research has shown that compliance packaging, when combined with regular follow-up and education, can increase medication adherence rates up to 97%.

AdhereRx Digital Pharmacy Features

Omnichannel outreach
to engage your
hardest-to-reach members

Medication synchronization for accuracy and convenience

Ongoing Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs), proven to reduce falls

All patient medications packaged by dose, date, and time

Data-driven clinical engagements for sustained adherence improvements

Next-day delivery any time medications change

Monthly Drug Utilization Reviews (DURs) to proactively manage medication risks

24/7 support from our licensed telepharmacy team

Optional mobile app synced to the Hero Smart Dispenser for dose tracking and peace of mind

Care team coordination for improved care transitions

HIPAA-compliant private
for contact-free,
direct-to-door delivery

No additional cost to patients, just their regular copay.

We offer multiple partnership opportunities customized to payors, providers, and the patients they serve:

The Power of Choice

We are committed to providing affordable medication management choices that empower members to overcome traditional adherence barriers and take control of their health routines.


AdherePack by AdhereRx combines AdhereHealth’s advanced analytics with proven medication management tools such as compliance packaging, med sync, home delivery, and monthly medication reviews with our licensed telepharmacy team, all at no extra cost beyond the member’s regular monthly copay. AdherePack is designed for high-risk patients with multiple chronic conditions, SDOH barriers, and complicated medication routines.


HERO Subscription combines all of the benefits of HERO’s award-winning technology that automatically sorts and dispenses up to 10 different medications according to a member’s specific medication schedule, plus tracks 10 additional meds with the connected mobile app. For a low monthly fee, patients, caregivers, and care teams can check in, adjust pill schedules, and get notified if a dose is missed for extra assurance and peace of mind.