Provider FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is AdhereHealth calling my office?

Health plans and employers across the United States partner with AdhereHealth to help them identify and address gaps in care across their membership. If we’ve called you, one of your patients is part of this program and we’ve identified at least one gap. This could be associated with a chronic disease state and involve incorrect medications, a possible adverse drug-drug interactions or therapeutic alternatives. AdhereHealth also calls physician offices on behalf of members to coordinate medication refills or address other medication-related gaps identified during a recent medication review with them.

I received a letter/fax from AdhereHealth, what am I supposed to do?

AdhereHealth letters/faxes are related to specific patient care gaps (see response above). If action is required, the letter/fax will explain what to do. You should include these documents in the patient’s chart for discussion during their next office visit. If you’d like to speak with a AdhereHealth clinician first, please call the number provided on the letter/fax.

How do I get removed from your contact list?

AdhereHealth is a contracted partnership with your patient’s health plan or employer group, so questions about existing or future member-related communications are best answered by one of their representatives. Please call 1-866-850-4159 and we can help facilitate this.

I received a fax/letter from AdhereHealth for a medication change – who should I contact?

You should contact the patient’s pharmacy to update the prescription or address a medication-related concern directly with patient. AdhereHealth has been designated to notify all those involved with the patient of recommended changes, but does not dispense medication.