At-Risk Providers

Medication adherence improves value-based care outcomes and is increasingly the most important focus to achieve incentives. With endless “white noise” that creates inefficiencies in practice patterns, providers seek streamlined turnkey solutions that integrate into the workflow.

For more than a decade, AdhereHealth has helped providers address medication-focused P4P programs sponsored by managed care or government entities. Overcoming consumer social determinants is an important factor to advance quality measurement goals. These complex quality measurement systems require sophisticated technologies that engage consumers and their providers to close care gaps.

Adhere™ is AdhereHealth’s medication-focused platform of integrated solutions, with analytics that stratify consumer populations, prioritize interventions and resolve gaps in care to achieve value-based care outcomes.

With AdhereHealth’s Pharmacy at Home™ solutions, consumers can receive medications in the comfort of their home. Pharmacy at Home™ includes real-time medication synchronization with AdhereHealth’s pharmacy solution partners. Included in these consumer options is AdhereHealth’s digital pharmacy, AdhereRx™, which provides hand-delivered pharmacy right to the home for high-acuity consumers who benefit from ongoing medication counseling for polypharmacy management.

Adhere™ integrates high-acuity analytics into its high-touch pharmacy, AdhereRx™, to support consumers who would benefit from ongoing medication counseling and hand-delivered pharmacy. With a complex value-based care system and challenging populations, it is critical to partner with companies that fully align on shared risk.

The Adhere™ platform includes Stratify™ analytics, powered by QiLink™ clinical workflow. This platform includes powerful analytics, a nationwide licensed clinical network and real-time medication synchronization for partner pharmacies that deliver to the consumer’s home. Adhere’s performance-based alignment with providers guarantees each consumer measurement conversion.

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Providing primary care physicians and their patients with timely access to completed medication reconciliation post-discharge assessments can reduce hospital readmissions and lower costs of care. Explore ways to ensure a seamless process in our latest white paper.


End-to-End Technology Enabled Solutions Focused on Medication Adherence

Resolve™ is a comprehensive clinical decision support solution with an intentional focus on medication adherence. Resolve™ configures analytics and outreach services with a guaranteed performance for each consumer and conversion of their quality measure gaps. Using dozens of data sources, AdhereHealth clinicians leverage expert clinical workflow tools to guide telephonic and digital consumer dialogue regarding their medication adherence problems. Resolve™ delivers improved population health one consumer at a time through adherence surveillance, understanding each individual's social determinants of health, gaining commitment to improve quality, and coordinating with their provider care team.

Powered by QiLink™, a workflow tool that integrates stratified analytics with consumer and provider engagement data, each clinical intervention incorporates consumer commitment to follow up that advances health improvement. This advanced data-driven solution has over a decade of quantifiable outcomes with a 100% performance risk guarantee.