Business Analytics Visualization

Healthcare leaders need a 360 degree view of performance across their value-based care investments. Leveraging real-time data visualization helps communicate outcomes and drives strategies that advance organizational goals. Discern™ is the Adhere™ platform business intelligence insights and analytics tool that incorporates disparate data with real-time business analytics to create executive dashboards and ad hoc reporting.

Discern’s powerful reporting platform enables management across health plan stakeholders to employ scenario forecasting with population cohort diagnostics, COGS execution and interpretative results. Discern™ uniquely transforms available data into rich visualization reporting to assess quality programs and financial investments.


Robust Executive Dashboards

Configurable to individual or organizational specifications

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Transforming performance data into rich visuals for enhanced decision making

Speed & Transparency

Delivering performance data rapidly and accurately


Business Analytics On-Demand

Real-time visualization of Star Ratings and other P4P program performance investments

Engagement Pattern Recognition

Forecast consumer behaviors to align precision intervention strategies

Financial Alignment

Breakdown barriers with transparent ROI for vendor performance, internal resource deployment and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Hard-hitting Metrics


Fully-Integrated Technology-Enabled Services



Resolve™ is AdhereHealth's clinical decision support solution that guides medication adherence intervention using Stratify™ predictive analytics.


OptimizeMTM™ is AdhereHealth's Medication Therapy Management (MTM) solution that addresses client goals and regulatory requirements by incorporating Stratify™ predictive analytics.