Advancing our Adhere™ platform’s technology-enabled medication adherence services is the QiLink™ clinical workflow tool. Stratify™ analytics are embedded in the clinical decision support model to support regulatory compliance and advance value-based quality measure gap closure.

QiLink™ clinical decision support incorporates a blend of socio-economic and motivational interviewing techniques for consumer and provider engagement. Fully integrated with AdhereHealth’s Pharmacy at Home™ offering, clinicians can provide real-time medication synchronization for consumers to efficiently receive delivery of medications to their doorstep. Pharmacy at Home™ includes interfaces with AdhereHealth’s national pharmacy solution partners. Pharmacy at Home™ includes AdhereHealth’s subsidiary pharmacy, AdhereRx™, which provides private-couriered services to high-acuity consumers who benefit from ongoing medication counseling for polypharmacy management.


Better Health

Structured workflow guides clinical and non-clinical actions to improve outcomes

Thinking Application

Logically organizes consumer & provider engagement to prevent clinical alert fatigue and consumer abrasion

Big Data Processing

Daily consumer and provider prioritization using the most recent data integration


Clinical Decision Support

Embedded analytics across multiple measures for consumer and provider outreach

Motivational Interviewing Techniques

Leverage consumer input coupled with cohort analysis to maximize gap closure and minimize abrasion