Medication Adherence Resolution to Improve Employee Health

Resolve™ is a clinical decision support platform that guides highly specific consumer interventions and provider engagement. Using dozens of data sources, including medical and pharmaceutical claims focus, the solution helps partners reduce unnecessary medical costs related to drug therapy problems. The solution is powered by QiLink™, a workflow tool bolstered by Stratify™ analytics, and that integrated with real-time consumer and provider input with national benchmark data, our analytics-guided real-time clinical decision support software. This advanced data-driven solution has over a decade of quantifiable outcomes bolstered by fully guaranteed value proposition.

By isolating the patient-specific gaps in care associated with each population, the value of each gap closure is evaluated within the population in order to identify savings associated with correcting the suboptimal use of medications.


Better Health

Identifies and resolves medication adherence gaps

Reduced Cost

Improved care leads to better care and the associated medical savings


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