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Occam’s Razor and COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates

The Health Care Blog: Jason Rose offers his insight into COVID-19 hospitalization rates and the invisible threat enabling the spread

Outcomes Rocket Podcast

Our CEO, Jason Rose, discusses how the AdhereHealth platform is helping keep patients healthier and outside of the hospital by

AdhereHealth Expands its Medication Adherence Technology Solution

AdhereHealth’s Medication Adherence Technology Now Available to Commercial Insurance Market Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Nashville, Tenn. – (April 23, 2020) AdhereHealth

Concerns About Medication Adherence Grow Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to infect a growing number of people in the United States, some pharmacists and other health care

Using Member Engagement to Create Personalized Payer Experience

Payers are using a wide variety of technologies to increase personalization in their product offerings across distinct populations of consumers.

BCBS Kansas City partners for two IT engagement solutions

Insurers are increasingly looking for ways to engage members for early interventions and better health outcomes that lower costs.

AdhereHealth Partners with BCBS Kansas City to Tackle Medication Adherence

Kansas City, MO. – (February 19, 2020) Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC), the largest not-for-profit health

Harlow on Healthcare Podcast

Jason Rose details how AdhereHealth helps health plans improve star ratings by focusing on data analytics and workflow to support

Digital Healthcare Podcast

Our CEO, Jason Rose discusses how tackling SDOH issues is key to solving medication non-adherence on the Digital Healthcare Podcast.

Boosting Star Ratings, Improve Care Through Increased Patient Engagement

Jason Rose sits down with Edan Stanley to explain what steps health plans can take to enhance their star ratings

Medication adherence a big factor in Medicare Advantage Star Ratings

The bonus pool size in 2018 was $6.3 billion, which goes to 4-star and above plans as $500 per member,

Top 10 Disruptive Trends to Watch For

There is growing evidence that social determinants of health (SDoH) have a negative effect on health outcomes. SDoH are “the

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