AdhereHealth™ is a healthcare technology leader in medication adherence insights and health outcomes. Our Adhere™ platform focuses on addressing the nation’s half a trillion dollars of annual unnecessary medical spend caused by gaps in medication adherence. AdhereHealth solutions include SaaS technology, hundreds of licensed clinicians nationwide and home-delivered pharmacy to address social determinants of health.

Adhere™ is our proprietary platform of integrated solutions for quality measure improvement, medication therapy management (MTM) and home-delivered pharmacy.

ad:here (ăd-hîr’)
v. ad•hered, ad•her•ing, ad•heres: the degree to which a patient correctly follows clinical advice



Tech-enabled or fully configurable SaaS-based adherence solution to improve quality measurement with guaranteed fees for each consumer conversion


Medication Therapy Management (MTM) solution that addresses client goals and regulatory requirements using data-driven clinical workflows



Embedded into AdhereHealth solutions, AdhereRx™ is a high-touch pharmacy that delivers medications for high-acuity consumers to their home

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Medicare Advantage Star Ratings

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Hypertension (RAS)

Prescribing pattern analytics that identify potential adherence issues for ACE/ARB.

Cholesterol (Statins)

Identify potential adverse medication effects that require a change in drug classification to mitigate adherence barriers.

Measure Budgeting

Demystify which measures, consumers, and providers are most important for achieving quality outcome improvement and insight into the financial outlays.

Opioids & Benzodiazepines

Opioid surveillance analytics for potential consumer prescription fraud and discontinuation of benzodiazepine.


AHA and CAD clinical guideline analytics to initiate a dual pronged engagement approach for consumers and providers.

Comprehensive Diabetes Control

Improve diabetic health though medication adherence to enable HbA1c control, kidney function and decreased risk of retinopathy.

Medicare Advantage Part C
Managed Medicaid P4Q and P4P
Medication Adherence
Star Ratings Budgeting
Medication Therapy Management
Rising Employee Health Costs
Transitions of Care

Data-Driven Tools


Stratify™ predictive analytics identify medication adherence and care assessment gaps using comparative benchmarks that support targeted consumer and provider engagement.


Quantify™ builds actionable client-specific scenario modeling for value-based care incentive structures and incorporates Stratify™ analytics to achieve targeted outcomes.


P3Link™ is a regulatory compliant clinical workflow for Medication Therapy Management (MTM) that uses Stratify™ analytics to guide interventions.


QiLink™ is a clinical workflow using decision support to guide gap closure for clinical and non-clinical interventions with consumers and providers using Stratify™ analytics.


Discern™ is a business analytics solution that provides real-time client data visualization of outcomes and program performance.

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