Value-Based Care Reimbursement

Improve performance on Star Ratings and government-sponsored P4P programs

Increase reimbursement through improved adherence

AdhereHealth™ provides solutions that drive meaningful adherence improvements for Medicare, Medicaid, commercial and exchange plans. Through a foundational approach that helps plans identify and resolve social determinants of health (SDOH) barriers, our innovative, multi-mode capabilities drive improved adherence at every level of the risk spectrum. Everything we offer is powered by our industry-leading, data driven healthcare technology, the Adhere Platform™. Plans are able to engage even the highest-risk, hardest-to-reach members for improved performance on CMS Star Ratings and other government-sponsored pay-for-performance programs.

AdhereHealth solutions address: 

  • Pharmacy Measures
  • HEDIS Measures
  • CAHPS Measures
  • SDOH Barrier Resolutions

Solution Benefits

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Improve performance on Star Ratings by addressing more than 38 Part D, HEDIS® and CAHPS® measures

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Maintain long-term SDOH barrier resolution for improved adherence and patient experience

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Achieve guaranteed adherence performance with AdhereHealth’s outcomes-based guarantee

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Earn value-based care reimbursement (such as QBP) through improved quality measure performance

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Gain fully transparent insight into all program parameters with interactive web-based management dashboards

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Identify eligible members and complete all CMS requirements for MTM measure

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