Value-Based Cost Reduction

Drive positive health outcomes and medical cost savings

Improve MLR with maximized drug therapy problem (DTP) resolution

The AdhereHealth™ Medication Optimization solution, powered by the Adhere Platform™, drives improved MLR for Medicare, Medicaid, Exchange, commercial, self-insured employers and ACOs by maximizing cost reduction from resolution of drug therapy problems (DTPs). This value-based cost reduction solution surfaces and resolves previously uncovered gaps in care for quantifiable medical cost savings. By combining both medical and pharmacy claims in unique ways, the solution maximizes gap closure by identifying primary adherence issues where there is a medical diagnosis without a supporting pharmacy fill, plus secondary adherence gaps, allowing clinicians to identify and resolve an increased number of DTPs.

Solution Benefits

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Maximized DTP resolution and cost reduction through alignment of medical and pharmacy claims

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Ultimate CMR effectiveness by empowering clinicians with robust data analytics dashboards

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Additional cost savings opportunities for alternate specialty drugs or formulary-based drug swaps

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Prioritized outreach to at-risk members through proprietary rules engine and near-real-time data

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Simplified clinician experience through intelligent clinical workflow and easy-to-use interface

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Reduced staffing retention concerns with choice of partner-deployed clinicians 

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