About Us

Our Story

AdhereHealth is a technology solutions leader supporting health plans, self-insured employers and other risk-bearing entities for medication adherence insights and healthcare outcomes. Our innovative focus on medication adherence enables a unique pathway to achieve outcomes for population health. Our Adhere™ platform touches nearly 30 million consumers through its disruptive technologies, engagement services and home-delivered pharmacy. AdhereHealth addresses the challenge of half a trillion dollars of annual unnecessary medical costs due to medication adherence issues, representing 16% of the United States healthcare spend. Headquartered in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tennessee, AdhereHealth has been in business for more than a decade. We employ hundreds of dedicated professionals across the nation who are focused on the mission of providing solutions that improve consumer adherence.


Our Logo

The three bars and "P" wrapped in the shape of a pill is a graphical double entendre....from one perspective it represents the Patient, Provider and the Pharmacy while concurrently the three bars also represent the improved value-based care outcomes that AdhereHealth strives to achieve with our clients.

These interpretations symbolize AdhereHealth. Through data and technology, we are committed to coordinating healthcare stakeholders to improve medication adherence and thus reduce the overall cost of care.

Lastly, our tagline of 'Adherence Resolved' articulates the bottom line of value proposition to consumers, providers, clients and the industry.

Our Vision & Mission

Better Health by Resolving Gaps in Medication Adherence and Care

To bring our vision to life we deliver data-driven technology that resolves medication adherence and care gaps to achieve value-based care outcomes.


Adhere™ is AdhereHealth’s unified platform of integrated solutions that use advanced analytics to stratify population cohorts, prioritize consumer and provider outreach to resolve medication adherence issues that achieve value-based care outcomes.

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