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The Adhere Platform™ will help you…

Improve Adherence

Reach 4.0+ Stars with Improved Adherence

The Adhere Platform™ will help you…

Improve MLR

Reduce Medical Spending and Improve MLR

The Adhere Platform™ will help you…

Increase Star Ratings

Take Action to Increase Your Star Rating

Request a sample adherence impact analysis to learn how adherence improvements impact your Stars, QBP and ROI.

Social Risk Factors

Improve Health Equity in Members with Social Risk Factors (SRF)

Read more to address adherence and improve health outcomes in vulnerable members.

SDOH-First Solutions for Medication Adherence

Purpose-built, innovative technology and capabilities that drive improved value-based performance and MLR

AdhereHealth™ supports the managed care industry, self-insured employers and other risk-bearing entities in engaging all members of the risk spectrum in adherence for improved health outcomes. We specialize in engagement of the highest-risk, hardest-to-reach member cohort through our innovative solutions, powered by our proprietary technology. AdhereHealth enhances quality of care and cost outcomes—all with a foundational SDOH-first approach for improved health equity.

Our unique combination of predictive analytics, intelligent clinical workflow software and proactive telepharmacy outreach, performed by a nationwide team of licensed clinicians, improves performance on government-sponsored pay-for-performance programs, and value-based cost reduction.

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Care Reimbursement

Drive performance improvement on Star Ratings and government-sponsored P4P programs through a data-driven, SDOH-first approach to medication adherence, especially in the highest-risk members.

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Adhere Platform™

Leverage AdhereHealth's healthcare technology, available on its own as SaaS and underlying all our proprietary solutions, to drive maximized value-baesd reimbursement and cost reduction.

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Cost Reduction

Maximize reduction of drug therapy problems (DTPs) and improve medical cost savings through predictive analytics with aligned medical and prescription claims review, plus other opportunities for additional savings

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Medicare Advantage Star Ratings

How we solve this challenge:

Hypertension (RAS)

Prescribing pattern analytics that identify potential adherence issues for ACE/ARB.

Cholesterol (Statins)

Identify potential adverse medication effects that require a change in drug classification to mitigate adherence barriers.

Measure Budgeting

Demystify which measures, patients, and providers are most important for achieving quality outcome improvement and insight into the financial outlays.

Opioids & Benzodiazepines

Opioid surveillance analytics for potential patient prescription fraud and discontinuation of benzodiazepine.


AHA and CAD clinical guideline analytics to initiate a dual pronged engagement approach for patients and providers.

Comprehensive Diabetes Control

Improve diabetic health though medication adherence to enable HbA1c control, kidney function and decreased risk of retinopathy.

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Medication Adherence
Medication Therapy Management
Transitions of Care

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