Technology-enabled Services Solution to Improve Quality Measures

Resolve™ is AdhereHealth’s comprehensive medication adherence-focused solution for population health. Resolve™ includes a vertical integrated solution of data analytics surveillance, tech-enabled outreach to consumers and providers and a unique performance guarantee for each quality measure conversion. Resolve™ embeds AdhereHealth’s Pharmacy at Home™ offering, which enables consumers to receive prescribed medications at their doorstep.

AdhereHealth’s tech-enabled Resolve™ solution combines the mind of a clinician with the heart of a social worker. It delivers engagement services through sophisticated medication adherence analytics and a nationwide team of licensed clinicians. Our clinicians are equipped with real-time medication synchronization and focus on overcoming social determinants of health.

Resolve™ has been integral to achieving value-based care outcomes for more than a decade, with a high-level of focus on government programs such as Medicare Advantage Star Ratings, Managed Medicaid Pay for Performance (P4Q), and the Commercial ACA Quality Rating System.



  • Stratify™ analytics generate algorithms based on multiple datasets
  • Clinical focus only on conversion of consumers at risk for specified quality measures
  • Daily consumer population risk stratification and consumer prioritization based on newly available data

Consumer & Provider Engagement

  • Technology allocates nationwide clinical network of licensed AdhereHealth clinicians including pharmacists, nurses and pharmacy technicians to address unique consumer issues
  • Provider collaboration groups patient panel for each physician office to maximize workflow time
  • Omni-channel outreach that leverages a combination of telephonic and digital interventions
Business Analytics

Business Analytics & Reporting

  • Real-time data visualization of outcomes and program performance across populations
  • Connects with hundreds of data sources to create executive dashboards and ad hoc analyses
  • Enables multiple scenario-based forecasting combining quality measurement and financial investments


Social Determinants of Health

Dynamic engagement with consumers that focuses on socio-economic issues for access to care

Quality Bonus Payments

Increased value-based care revenue due to improved quality measures

Cost Savings

Actuarial evidence of bending the trend of unnecessary healthcare costs by better medication adherence

Full Risk Guarantee

100% guarantee on each consumer measure conversion performance

Resolving Outcomes


How We Make an Impact

Real Consumer Stories

Data-Driven Tools


Stratify™ predictive analytics identify medication adherence and care assessment gaps using comparative benchmarks that support targeted consumer and provider engagement.


Quantify™ builds actionable client-specific scenario modeling for value-based care incentive structures and incorporates Stratify™ analytics to achieve targeted outcomes.


P3Link™ is a regulatory compliant clinical workflow for Medication Therapy Management (MTM) that uses Stratify™ analytics to guide interventions.


QiLink™ is a clinical workflow using decision support to guide gap closure for clinical and non-clinical interventions with consumers and providers using Stratify™ analytics.


Discern™ is a business analytics solution that provides real-time client data visualization of outcomes and program performance.