AdhereHealth’s Stratify™ analytics engine incorporates dozens of unique data sources to identify medication and quality care gaps that help clients achieve better value-based care outcomes. Stratify™ prioritizes actionable clinical interventions through thousands of proprietary algorithms based on massive comparative data sets.

Stratify™ is a dynamic, rule-based analytics engine that is fully configurable based on both the population cohort and individual consumers who benefit from medication adherence. Leveraging predictive scenario modeling, Stratify™ identifies consumers and their providers for interventions based on client-specific ROI thresholds. For AdhereHealth pharmacy partners, Stratify™ can help identify consumers who may benefit from receiving their medications at home through real-time medication synchronization analytics.


Defined Performance Metrics

Business objectives are supported through detailed analytics

Action-oriented Planning

Scalable integration of client-focused Star Ratings performance needs

Accurate Data

Reconcile data inconsistencies for PDE submissions & claims data at the consumer level


Risk Stratification

Identify predictive risk of future medical and pharmaceutical events

Comparative Benchmarks

Correlate organizational performance compared to in-year metrics

Intervention Prioritization

Tech-enabled consumer and provider engagement is prioritized based on the following 5 key factors illustrated below

Individual Consumer Risk
Client ROI Thresholds
Population Stratification
Likelihood to Engage
Time of Year