How to use BI Insights to Optimize Health Plan Operations

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Use business analytics reporting for to visualize data trends that can expose population performance issues and drive cross-departmental collaboration.

Many variables impact consumer decisions, utilization trends, and scoring methods that determine the quality measures and, in turn, health plan survival. While extensive data sets are often available, teams often lack the accompanying resources and strategies that drive successful population diagnostics, data-driven execution, and interpretation of results. Additionally, the multi-disciplinary nature of quality performance programs can create silos of information preventing the critical exchange of financial, clinical, and operational analyses.

Expert speakers from AdhereHealth will explore best strategies to reverse negative patterns that may hold down population-level performance and prohibit cross-departmental collaboration. They will cover interdisciplinary analytic strategies for identification, intervention, and impact measurement within the Star Ratings framework. Speakers will use Part D adherence measure optimization that Rexplore tactics to quantify the cohorts of risk within populations, embrace best practices to address mapped clinical patterns, align valuable labor sources with the best targets, and maximize measurable health outcomes.

This webinar is designed to specifically benefit those with responsibilities in the following areas: Health plans, self-insured employers, and other risk-bearing entities at the individual consumer level

  • From Health Plans and Health Systems, Chief Financial Officers, Medical Officers, Quality Officers, Strategy Officers, Information Officers, Chef Analytics Officers, and Product Officers.
  • VP and Directors of MTM, Stars, Quality, Health Plan Services, Clinical Operations, and Pharmacy Operations