Achieving Positive Consumer Outcomes and Cost Savings Through MTM

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A medication therapy management (MTM) program could be an effective tool for payers to teach beneficiaries how to maintain adherence. MTM is supported by specialized engagement that addresses the financial and educational challenges beneficiaries face when taking medications as prescribed.” This is how HealthPayer Intelligence site editor Thomas Beaton describes MTM.

Beaton’s piece is good primer on MTM. He also points to Center for Disease Control (CDC) findings showing that MTM programs have potential to produce health care cost savings and a positive ROI for healthcare systems. According to earlier CMS analysis, for example, medication adherence for diabetic patients enrolled in MTM was 15 percent higher than patients not enrolled.

Overall, success with MTM hinges on creating visibility across a consumer’s care with multiple sources of data, applying what is learned address gaps that prevent their adherence. This is precisely what AdhereHealth’s Adhere platform enables. To learn more about MTM, read Beaton’s article below, and then visit here to see how AdhereHealth uniquely approaches it.

Source: “How Payers Can Develop a Medication Therapy Management Program,” HealthPayer Intelligence.