AdhereHealth Expands its Medication Adherence Technology Solution

AdhereHealth’s Medication Adherence Technology Now Available to Commercial Insurance Market Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Nashville, Tenn. – (April 23, 2020) AdhereHealth announced today it is expanding the company’s industry-leading technology platform into the commercial health insurance market to address the nation’s growing medication adherence challenge.

“With over $500 billion of annual unnecessary healthcare spend on the line, improving medication adherence is a national priority. The problem is particularly acute in the context of COVID-19, as community social distancing and increased unemployment is prevalent for high-risk consumers,” said Jason Z. Rose, CEO of AdhereHealth. “Half of Americans do not take their medications as prescribed in normal times, let alone a crisis. Using the Adhere platform can improve outcomes by allowing patients to access their prescription medications during the outbreak and beyond.” 

With the potential to support 175 million consumers in commercial health plans,  AdhereHealth will expand its Adhere platform to reach more consumers with chronic diseases.  Optimizing medications is one of the most important aspects to controlling chronic illness, and acts as a crucial safeguard against poor outcomes, increased costs and avoidable hospitalizations. Further, specialty medication spend continues to grow rapidly, tripling over the past decade, and is now accounting for nearly half of the nation’s pharmacy costs.

AdhereHealth has been supporting medication adherence for self-insured employers and government-sponsored health plans for more than a decade, including Medicare Advantage and Qualified Health Plan Star Ratings, and managed Medicaid pay-for-performance programs. Today, the Adhere platform touches nearly 30 million consumers through predictive analytics embedded into a purpose-built clinical workflow technology that acts as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to address consumer barriers to care.

The Adhere™ SaaS platform targets and prioritizes consumers who benefit from support to overcome social determinants of health and other barriers to care. The platform’s configurable rules engine uses sophisticated analytics to systematically surveil massive real-time data sets for gaps in medication and quality care. These analytics are integrated into an expert clinical workflow to optimize consumer engagement and ultimately improve outcomes. AdhereHealth’s pharmacy, AdhereRx, targets consumers with complex medication needs who may benefit from a medication synchronization and a higher-touch pharmacy.

Learn more about the technology used to identify and engage consumers by visiting the AdhereHealth website. To learn more about AdhereRx pharmacy for complex patients, please visit the AdhereRx website.

About AdhereHealth™
AdhereHealth is a healthcare technology solutions leader supporting health plans, self-insured employers, and other risk-bearing entities for medication adherence insights and improved healthcare outcomes. The company’s Adhere™ platform touches nearly 30 million consumers through advanced technologies and at-risk engagement services. AdhereHealth’s subsidiary company, AdhereRx, is a pharmacy for complex patients with high-risk chronic conditions and social determinants of health issues. AdhereRx coordinates complex medication regimens with providers, performs monthly comprehensive medication reviews (CMR) and drug utilization reviews (DUR), has 24/7 access to pharmacy clinicians, delivers prescriptions via a private courier service, supports those in need of financial assistance, and can take cash on delivery at the consumer’s home. This integrated set of solutions addresses an estimated half a trillion dollars of unnecessary annual medical costs attributed to medication adherence issues. The company is headquartered in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tennessee. For more information, please visit

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