Seven Soft Skills to Elevate Tech Talent For Business Connection

Forbes Tech Council – As technology continues to evolve and AI rapidly takes over a wide range of tasks, individual

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Using AI, Data and Telepharmacy to Drive Medication Optimization

Health Equity in Action: Addressing Social Determinants of Health for Health Equity

Digital Health Transformers Podcast – How can your MA plan incorporate healthcare data technology to help members overcome social determinants

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News image focused on medicare advantage plans

The Stars Have Re-Aligned (Again): What Medicare Advantage Plans Need to Know

American Journal of Managed Care – With the 2024 Star Ratings in the rearview, Medicare Advantage plans may have received

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News image about patient at a clinic with clinician

SDOH-Sensitive Adherence Strategies for MA Health Equity Index Success

American Journal of Managed Care – The need for health equity spans the entire healthcare ecosystem, including the Medicare Advantage

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Healthcare Technology Solution

AdhereHealth Announces New Executive Chairman of the Board

Press Release – Enhancing the Mission to Resolve Adherence Gaps and Drive Value-Based Performance in Managed Care. The company welcomes

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Population Health, Access, and Equity in 2024

Health IT Answers – Getting our population healthier, more equitable, and more access is and has been a vision for

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Make Gains with Population Health via Improved Medication Adherence

The Emerging Role of Pharma in Value-Based Care

MedHealth Outlook – Medication adherence has traditionally been a challenge for health plans, especially within the high-risk, unengaged population. But

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The Quintuple Aims of Improving Health Care Outcomes and the Impact of Medication Adherence

First Report Managed Care – The Quintuple Aim of Health Care addresses health disparities through the inclusion of its fifth

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News image with healthcare provider checking off tasks

Preparing for Massive MTM Program Expansion: Pharmacy-Led Medical Cost Savings to Fund CMS Changes

American Journal of Managed Care – CMS estimates its MTM program changes will increase enrollment from 4.5 million to 11 million MA

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Consulting or doctor talking to patient

Aspects of Social Determinants of Health: Defining and Sharing

Healthcare IT Today – Social determinants of health (SDOH) barriers present a challenge to many managed care members trying to

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