Employers Taking More Proactive Role in Healthcare Delivery

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Employers are taking a more proactive role in promoting healthcare delivery that emphasizes the components of value-based care, according to recent research from the National Business Group on Health (NBGH). The proactive approaches are largely due to employers’ expectations that healthcare costs will rise by as much as six percent in 2019 with proactive intervention.

Proactive intervention by employers is a notable trend. According to the NBGH study authors, “The survey revealed stark changes from the past in how employers view their role in health care. More and more, they see themselves as driving innovations.” Innovations range from artificial intelligence (AI) and telehealth to virtual and digital health services that enable employees to play an active role in improving their care.

While not the focus of the study, increasingly employers are also looking to implement cost avoidance programs related to employee drug therapy problems (DTPs) that deliver a faster, more predictable ROI. For employers working with AdhereHealth, this comes from taking a more holistic view of employees’ medication adherence and effectiveness that includes much larger data sets that include both medical and pharmacy data captured in near real time. After reading the story below, click here to learn more about ways employers can be more proactive.

Source: “Employers are Experimenting with Innovative Health Plan Designs,” HealthPayer Intelligence.

Date: September 26, 2018