Every Dollar Spent on Medication Adherence Saves $4 to $7

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The impacts of medication non-adherence, to consumers and the healthcare system overall, is well known, but the problem persists, and stakeholders continue to lament its high costs. According to a report (PDF) by The National Council for Behavioral Health’s Medical Director Institute, half of people on any medication fail to take it as prescribed.

As part of its report, the institute offers solutions for stakeholders ranging from improving communications between patient and providers to improving patient access, all of which makes sense and is consistent with how AdhereHealth has approached the issue for more than a decade. The report notes that “every dollar spent on medication adherence saves $4 to $7 in costs for the treatment of non-adherence in chronic conditions,” which is significant. And the report goes on to note that “Efforts to improve adherence will have the greatest impact for patients and patient populations at the highest medical risk whose health care costs overall are the highest.” To learn more about strategies to address medication adherence, read the PDF below and then click here to see AdhereHealth’s approaches.

Source: “Medication Matters Causes and Solutions to Medication Non-Adherence.”